Now You Have a Choice

Vote for Dr. Joseph Spears, Delegate, District 27A

Now You Have a Choice

Vote for Dr. Joseph Spears, Delegate, District 27A

We Live in a Great District!

As residents in Prince George’s County and Charles County, you represent the best in Maryland, the best in America, and the best in all of us. I’ve walked with, talked with, prayed with, laughed with and cried with many of you and I believe I understand your hopes and vision .  That’s why I will focus on those things that are most important to you, including:



I have an open door policy and will continue that in office, bringing truth and honesty to people at all times. I will lead with integrity and refuse to be compromised.

I have been a leader in my work, church, and community. In today’s political environment, we need strong leaders who are willing to stand up to powerful political influencers and vote with integrity. I am committed to being that leader.

The cycle of politicians entrenched in party politics and corporate sponsorship needs to stop. District 27A is hungry to have someone representing them who is connected to our community and who listens, steps up, and takes a stand. I am a man of integrity and I will take that strength of character with me to Annapolis as your delegate.



When we are at a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, we function on a higher level as a community. I will work to assure every resident in our district has access to health related services.

I am committed to upholding the expansion of Medicaid and pushing for better health coverage for all of our citizens. I will be a vigilant and passionate advocate for adequate and affordable healthcare and will ensure that the people of our district will not lose the care they need.



Our children are our future. I will work with the school system on continuous improvement of education through creative studies and fostering a mindset of excellence and rigor.  I am dedicated to ensuring all children have access to the education they need to be successful. I recognize that this begins early on in their childhood. I am committed to fighting for all children to have access to early childhood education to ensure that, in District 27A, they are supported in these crucial early years.

I also have spent years investing in the education of our young adults as a college professor. My time spent with students has shown me firsthand the burden higher education can have on young and working individuals. The burden of student loans is crippling and makes it difficult for our students to pursue their passions. I will work to ensure that students have better access to financial aid and I will invest my time in pursuing options to make college more affordable and more attainable for all students.



Better opportunities result in better economic health. I will continue to study the needs, concerns and transference of wealth while bringing in the proper resources that result in better opportunities for our community.

I am committed to working with community leaders to find the best way to bring business into our area while also supporting and encouraging our local businesses. I want to ensure that all citizens in District 27A have the choice and ability to work and support businesses in their own communities. Joe Spears will vigorously advocate for a living wage for all citizens and I support the expansion of paid family leave to help parents in working families.



Protecting our environment from pollution and waste is critical. The amount of pollution in the low-income areas of our community is especially troublesome. This is something on which I will place a particular focus.

District 27A consistently has been unable to achieve air quality with a “Good” rating by the EPA. There even are days when the air quality is considered “Unhealthy for sensitive groups.” It is unacceptable for our citizens to continually be exposed to air that is bad for their health in their own neighborhoods. The time has come to address the serious burden air pollution has become for our district.

There currently are 3 power plants operating in the city of Brandywine with 2 more approved and in construction. All of the power plants are built in lower-income areas, cutting off clean air to disenfranchised citizens who deserve to have their voices heard and their health protected. Our representatives have not taken the health and environment of the district seriously, but I am committed to fighting for access to clean air for all our citizens.


With your support, together we can make a difference. Exercise your choice!


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