Now You Have a Choice
Vote for Dr. Joseph Spears, Delegate, District 27A

Now You Have a Choice

Vote for Dr. Joseph Spears, Delegate, District 27A

Now It’s Your Choice

It is said life can be summed up in one word: “Choice.” For the first time in years, Marylanders from southern Prince George’s County and parts of Charles County will have a choice when they go to the polls next year to vote for the next Maryland State Delegate, District 27A.

For the past two years, the representative who has held the seat has done what many would call a respectable job. In fact, her husband, whom she replaced when she became a widow, also did a respectable job. This campaign salutes the senator for moving quickly two years ago to put his choice for this district into the delegate seat at Maryland State House, but many voters want to turn the page. They feel it’s time to move on. As one person put it: “It’s time to give us a real choice.”

What I Believe

“Our country is based on choice. We the people — acting in faith and in faithful service to an almighty God — can only be the rightful heirs to our fate.”


“We are the sum of our choices. No one appoints our choice, we choose our choice. My friends, Maryland, Prince George’s County, Charles County, it’s time to choose.”


“I am a successful educator, businessman, coach, and pastor. Now, I want to become your Maryland State Delegate.”


“When people exercise their right to vote, they usually vote what is right and it will soon be time to select the best representative for District 27A.”


“Our choice must go far beyond what we have now. Time demands more. Time is moving quickly. Time is running out.”


“We must somehow learn to respect each other, value each other and even appreciate each other.”


“My goal is to see diverse individuals coming together from all walks of life, regardless of race, denomination, political party or economic status.”

Dr. Joseph Spears obtained his Ed.D. in sports management. His bachelor’s and master’s degrees are in divinity and higher education. He has held positions as a pastor, sports chaplain, adjunct professor of Sports Media and Entertainment, and teaching assistant. He currently serves as assistant professor of Sports Management at Bowie State University and the university’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Faculty Representative. All of his experiences have enabled him to hone his skills in leading and working with groups, teams, and organizations.

Dr. Joseph Spears believes that “spiritual fitness” is the solution to problems of today. He understands the need and importance of developing families and communities spiritually, socially and economically. To that end, Dr. Spears utilizes sports as a framework to partner with other community organizations and leaders to provide educational and informational programs that promote the well-being of the entire community. His sports background is long-distance road and trail running, biking, boxing and football.

Spears, a pastor, knows the transformative power of coming together as one and he wants to do that with Maryland voters he will represent.

“We’ve tried not working together and not working together is not working,” he said. “It’s time to work as one. Your choice has action. Let’s go!”


The Spears Family

Dr. Joseph Spears and Family


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